Secret Code in Bracketron Dock Unlocks iPad

Bracketron’s motorized in-wall dock releases iPad only when code is entered.


One of the biggest problems with iDevices is that they are so easily misplaced. Removed from their docking stations, they’re free to roam with you, your kids, and your spouse all over the house. That’s probably a big reason why this solution offered by Bracketron (the device is made in Salzburg, Austria) at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was recently named a CES Innovations Award winner.

The Touchcode model of the iRoom iDock, a motorized in-wall mounting solution for the iPad, only releases the tablet upon entering a programmable four-digit code. A built-in proximity sensor illuminates the iDock’s LED panel when someone is nearby. When the correct four digit security code is entered into the panel, the iDock switches to the open position allowing you to retrieve your iPad. After ten seconds the iPad door closes again automatically.

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To reinsert your iPad, the iDock can be opened without a code by using the existing proximity switch. When the iPad is inserted into the dock, you have total control of smart home applications on the device while it is also being charged.

The dock includes both power and composite audio internal connections. The mount’s faceplate comes in piano black and opal white, or can be color customized to match the room design.


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