Savant to Intro iPod, iPhone Home Control App

Home control upstart Savant Systems will have a $199 native iPod/iPhone app to turn devices into home controllers; shows off ROSIE iPod/iPhone Media Dock.

appstore savant

Apple's App Store will soon include Savant's $199 download

Savant Systems is riding the Apple wave of success on its innovative home control system. The providers of the Rosie system, which hasn’t been around all that much longer than Apple’s iPhone, has created almost as much buzz in the custom electronics world because of its open programming to Apple developers.

The company’s all over the iPod touch and iPhone biz this week at the CEDIA Expo — announcing an app that gives your iPod touch or iPhone native two-way command of your Rosie home control system, and also showing off its Media Dock that brings Apple’s ubiquitous portables into your multiroom audio setup.

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The home controller app will be available to download right from Apple’s nascent and hugely successful app store (accessible from iTunes), only rather than being free or a couple of bucks it’ll run you $199. “Our application effectively leverages all the power of Apple’s amazing mobile computing platform, enabling homeowners with a Rosie control system to enjoy unprecedented levels of convenience and efficiency added to their daily lives,” says Savant president Jim Carroll.

Savant’s new application has 2-way communication from feedback-capable systems like lighting, HVAC, security cameras and supported audio/video equipment, the company says. The app also features the “gesture” control and “tilt” sensors found on both Apple devices.

The Rosie Media Dock gives you access to all of your iPod touch/iPhone tunes for the Rosie solution, and lets you pick ‘em using any Rosie interface, like a keypad, touchscreen, TV screen menu, and surface screen in a remote zone or web-enabled device.

What can’t your iPhone do these days?


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