New Telephone from Savant Works with iPod Touch

New stylized Telephony Solution handsets are fully integrated into home control system.

“It’s ironic that we are all telecom guys and it took us this long to do a phone system,” says Jim Carroll, president of Savant, speaking of the company’s soon-to-ship Telephony Solution product.

But judging from the reaction from one integrator, it might have been worth the wait. By the time CEDIA Expo 2011 arrives, Savant will be shipping its new Telephony Solution handsets.

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Savant is planning three versions of the handsets that in essence are:

• A wireless handset
• A more robust handset with a limited 4-inch touchscreen
• An iPod Touch fully integrated into the handset. (available in 2012)

The unit works in tandem with the Savant iPBX Server to give homeowners access to features such as auto answer, do not disturb, call waiting, routing and hunt groups, voicemail, multi-line hunting, suspend and resume, call hold – all integrated into the automation system of the home. Because the system is fully integrated, homeowners and commercial end users can use their iPads to connect to the iPBX server and make phone calls.

Count Mark Goldman of Sound Components in Miami as one integrator who is excited about the handsets. “If Apple was to build a phone system, this is what it would be. It is so Apple-esque looking,” he says. Goldman has only see the prototype of the system, which is still in beta testing with integrators. “I was goo-goo gaga over it,” says Goldman, clearly at a loss for words.

Other features of the Savant iPBX technology include:

• Supports up to 72 endpoints, including Savant IP phones and Savant Telephony-enabled iOS devices.
• Entry Access Integration – Viewing and communicating with who’s at the door or front gate from Savant endpoints
• Gateway Interconnection
• Local, long distance and international calling (service provider not included)
• Room-to-room paging, and page all
• Multi-line Savant IP phones and wireless handsets supported
• Wired and wireless solutions available
• Management, provisioning and monitoring application

“The challenge for dealers using existing keypad phone systems for control in homes is that most have had to use commercial SMB solutions. Those units have a commercial look and usually don’t include residential feature sets,” says Carroll. “Previously, the phone and automation system have had rudimentary integration for features like gate access.”

Savant previously showcased the ability of its True Control remotes to integrate with the iPBX to allow homeowners to make VoIP calls using their remote control.


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