Savant Brings Home Automation to Apple Fans

Savant Systems opens its programming to Apple developers to help integrate home control and A/V, including the iPod Touch and iPhone interfaces.

savant apple

Savant Systems' home control lets people use their iPhones as control devices

Loyal Apple enthusiasts looking for a solution to whole-home automation and A/V integration can now get yet another use out of their iPhones and iPod Touches.

Osterville, MA-based Savant Systems has debuted its unique home automation and control platform based on Mac’s OS X Leopard, giving professional installers an option for Apple fans who want to stick to their guns rather than gravitate toward a different proprietary system.

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Apple developers can incorporate Savant’s graphical program RacePoint Blueprint, and its configuration software, with Quartz Composer and Automator to offer integration of TVs, DVD players, A/V receivers, settop boxes, projectors, lighting, window treatments … and of course items such as Apple TV and iPod.

And the iPod Touch and iPhone? Well, along with in-wall and wireless touchpanels using the OS X-based technology, homeowners will be able to hit their iPortables to access and command devices within their homes.

Somewhere Steve Jobs is smiling.

Read the entire press release here.


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