Samsung Enters Home Automation with Samsung Smart Home

Voice control over your appliances.

Is Samsung getting into the home automation biz? It seems so. At CES this week the company showed a number of devices that could be integrated and controlled through a central app or a wall-mountable controller called the Lumen.

The system communicates by Wi-Fi, or if you have the Lumen module, also by Z-Wave.

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At its CES exhibit, Samsung was demonstrating the system to control an air conditioner, wireless cameras, Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulbs, and a robotic floor cleaner. Control of other devices, such as refrigerators and possibly AV equipment is also possible.

If a user buys compatible products, such as a Samsung smart fridge or light, the person only needs to download the free app and connect the devices. Programmed activities, which Samsung calls Moods, can be set up to run at the touch of a button or by a user-defined schedule.

The Lumen device is a wall-mountable touchscreen that can replace a light switch and thermostat and act as a simple interface with all connected equipment within the smart home—consider it the smart home’s remote control. Adding the Lumen to the system also adds Z-Wave, which broadens the number of compatible devices.

Samsung will also collaborate with third-party partners to make the platform extendible to their products and services.

Voice control, via a smart phone or tablet, is also possible through the new system. You can speak into your phone to tell it to turn off the lights or adjust the temperature.

Samsung says that initial deployment will focus on a range of Samsung smart TVs and appliances but will expand its coverage to include additional Samsung products as well as other manufacturers’ devices with a new Smart Home software protocol called SHP.

The Samsung Lumen wall-mounted controller communicates via Wi-Fi and Z-Wave to control your connected devices.

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