RTI’s T2i Remote Promises Instant-On Control

The new remote has an accelerometer and two built-in wireless modes.

Remote Technologies Incorporated has several different controller options. The company’s latest is the T2i.

The hook on the T2i is that it has several sought-after features, including a color touchscreen, dual-RF capability, and a fully programmable interface. However, all of it is available in a slick package at a budget-friendly price point.

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It includes a flush-mount 2.8-inch edge-to-edge LCD touchscreen, a cursor button for simple list navigation, backlighting, and an accelerometer for rapid “instant-on” control. It also has a thinner, more ergonomic design. Other features include 47 fully programmable keypad buttons, four of which feature keycaps that can be interchanged with an included set of pre-engraved keycaps or with custom-engraved keycaps using the RTI Laser Shark service.

The T2i also has two built-in wireless modes. It offers direct IR control and a dual-RF platform, which can support 433-MHz RF for one-way control and 2.4-GHz ZigBee for bi-directional communication with RTI processors and select third-party products.

“Integrators and consumers alike will be pleased with the performance and value this new controller offers,” said Pete Baker, RTI’s VP of sales and marketing. “For installers, it’s simple to customize the GUI and hard buttons to match the needs of their customers, providing the flexibility to incorporate the T2i into any installation. For end users, the advanced ergonomics, color touchscreen, two-way control capabilities, and affordable price point make it a very attractive option.”

RTI is shipping the T2i now, with an MSRP of $499.

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