RTI Starts Shipping T2x Wireless Controller

The fifth-gen of RTI's T2 wireless control interface is available now.

RTI has given us a lot of controllers over the years. Now, the company is ready to start shipping its latest, the T2x Wireless Controller.

The new product is the fifth generation of RTI’s T2 wireless control interface. It’s slimmer, sleeker and boasts better overall handling.

It’s also got a flush-mount, edge-to-edge 2.8-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen. This area is completely customizable, thanks to RTI’s Integration Designer software. Other features include better gesture support for scrolling and swiping, 47 programmable hard buttons, integrated grip sensors, and an accelerometer for movement control.

RTI also says that the T2x has three built-in wireless modes. This basically means that the remote can support 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet, as well as RTI’s dual-RF platform. That RF allows for both 433-MHz RF for one-way control and 2.4-GHz ZigBee for bidirectional communication with RTI processors and compatible third-party components.

“The T2x is packed with cutting-edge features to provide users with a satisfying control experience,” said Pete Baker, RTI’s vice president of sales and marketing. “With an edge-to-edge touchscreen, grip sensors, and an accelerometer, powerful control has never been so affordable or looked so sleek. In addition, support for Wi-Fi, 433-MHz RF, and 2.4-GHz ZigBee allows installers to specify the controller into installations of any complexity without worrying about the communication method required.”

RTI has started shipping the T2x, with an MSRP of $899.

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