RTI Ships New XP-6 Central Control Processor

The new XP processor promises different control options, an astronomical clock, and two-way communications.


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is very well known for its handheld controllers. However, they are now shipping something that’s a bit more for behind the scenes. RTI’s XP-6 is designed for control over everything in the house, from A/V to lighting to HVAC, and much more.

As the latest addition to its XP family of control processors, the XP-6 promises various methods of control, including two-way RS-232, relay, IP, and routable IR. The processor also supports RTI’s 433-MHz receivers, as well as ZigBee 2.4-GHz transceivers.

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Other XP-6 features include an astronomical clock for time-based events and two-way drivers for A/V, security, lighting, HVAC systems, and other home systems. The processor also supports RTI’s own Virtual Panel, which allows homeowners to control and monitor that RTI system from any Windows PC.

“The XP-6 offers everything needed to take complete control over any electronic environment,” said Pete Baker, RTI’s VP of sales and marketing. “The processor’s built-in astronomical clock allows users to automate all aspects of their environment, including climate, lighting, music, and much more. In addition, its range of control options makes it suitable for any installation, while its ability to receive two-way feedback from third-party devices offers the ultimate in convenience. Add to that support for the RTI Virtual Panel, and you’ve got one amazing processor at a great value.”

RTI is now shipping the XP-6, which has an MSRP of $599.


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