Rosie Adds Control to the Coffee Table

Savant is putting multimedia features into a 40-inch controller and making it the centerpiece of any room.


Remember when every home control device was compared to Rosie from “The Jetsons?” Get ready to revisit that metaphor. Savant Systems has named its new coffee table “The Rosie.”

You may have already named your table Steve, Betty or Buddy, but this Apple-based unit supports Savant’s in-wall touchpanels and a slew of other multimedia functions.

In other words, you can pull up a seat and access iTunes, view photos or download music and movies all to the same thing that you’ve previously just rested your sweaty summer beverages on.

The Rosie has a 40-inch interface and can also be integrated with security cameras, home theater equipment, and other options. “Stop this crazy thing?” We don’t think so.


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