RocketGUI Opens Rhapsody, Pandora Music Boxes to AMX Owners

RocketGUI has developed software to sync online streaming music services Rhapsody and Pandora into the AMX Netlinx control interface.

rocketgui amx

Rhapsody pickings are easily navigable

Your hard drive music server might already be bursting at the seams with tunes, but if it’s not, or if you want to supplement your modest collection with multiroom access to millions of songs, RocketGUI is at your service.

The programmer/user interface designer has developed a solution to bring Rhapsody and Pandora music services to control manufacturer AMX’s Netlinx systems.

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If you don’t know about Rhapsody or Pandora, check out their streaming services online — literally millions of songs at your disposal, with the ability to create playlists, custom music channels and personalized settings for your streaming audio.

Streamed through Logitech’s Squeezebox receivers (MSRP of $149), RocketGUI’s software module integrates the audio with AMX and its multiroom distribution, which allows your songs to get to eight independent listening zones.

It’s all controllable as well, since it is incorporated into AMX — you can use keypads and control panels to search for songs and artists, or engage functions like play, pause, next song and previous song. On the Rhapsody and Pandora side, all you need is a subscription.

And don’t fret, Crestron owners. RocketGUI says a solution for your home control system will be on the way in the near future.


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