Revolv Adds 20 New Devices and Features

The upgrade includes an Android app, “intelligent occupancy," support for new devices, and more.

A peek at the Revolv Dashboard.

Ever since Revolv started shipping back in November 2014, the smart home solution has been evolving. Earlier this year, the company added a few smart home packages to make installing a complete system a snap. Now, they are making it rain with a total of 20 (!) new devices and features.

Revolv just announced support for six new devices. That lineup includes the Aeotec water sensor (model DSB45-ZWUS), the Insteon water sensor, the Aeotec mini remote control (DSA03202W-ZWUS), the Leviton Vizia 4-button scene controller (VRCS4-M0Z), the Leviton Vizia 1-button scene controller (VRCS1-1LZ), and Honeywell’s Wi-Fi thermostats (models RTH6580WF, TH8320WF, RTH8580WF and RTH9580WF).

Even more impressive is the collection of new features. This includes everything from an Android app and Nest integration to in-app notifications for water sensors and the ability to disable GeoSense for devices that never leave the house.

Revolv has also completely revamped its app, adding a Status Bar, the ability to rearrange the Dashboard, and access to Inventory. Other new features include the option to change the GeoSense radius around your home, new “coming home” actions, the ability to merge actions, multi-phone recognition, and “intelligent occupancy” for family members without a smartphone.

To find out more about each of these new features in detail, check out the Revolv blog.

Revolv is designed to connect several connected home products under one system. For instance, you can have Sonos audio, Insteon appliance control, Yale locks, Philips hue lighting, and more, all available under one free smartphone app. The basic Revolv package starts at $299. The company also sells larger packages and add-ons at an additional cost.

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