ReQuest Adds Nokia Tablet Access

The company is adding Freedom -- a very smart method of control for its iQ Intelligent Music System.


Nokia's N800 web tablet includes Internet and email features, including web radio, an RSS news reader, an image viewer and various media players.

The idea behind home control is to make things easy, right? So then why would you want to be tethered to a certain control panel? ReQuest doesn’t know either. Maybe that’s why they are adding a little Freedom to their iQ Intelligent Music System.

Freedom is a new software application that converts any Nokia N800 web tablet into an very cool and very portable handheld controller. It’s still got all of the neat icons and other graphics that are part of the ReQuest system, but it’s also got Wi-Fi, which means web and email access, Skype phone features, and everything else the Internet has to offer.

The software runs $500, which doesn’t include the added $400 for the Nokia N800. Just pop in the Freedom SD card, and you’ve got immediate access to your iQ. No stylus is needed. Just use the touchscreen to guide your way through control of rooms, internal and external sources, volume, and media-selection.

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Use up to four N800 controllers throughout the house; the software updates automatically.


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