ReQuest Adds High-Def TV GUI

The company has announced a new look for users of its N-Series and F-Series media servers.


ReQuest's HD-TV GUI works with the company's N-Series and F-Series music servers.

Tired of looking at your old home control? ReQuest is adding a bit of flair to its graphical user interface — high-def.

The new HD-TV GUI works with the company’s N-Series and F-Series media servers, as well as any large-screen TV that accepts signals that are 720p or better. It can be used with a conventional IR remote; ReQuest has a library of codes for your installer to set you up.

“The HD GUI delivers crisp, great-looking 16:9 images and fast, incredibly easy response, thanks to its big, 720p HD output and wonderfully simple on-screen interface,” says ReQuest’s CEO, Peter Cholnoky. “The user needs just five commands — Up, Down, Left, Right, and Enter — to perform any operation, which can be issued by virtually any available IR remote controller. There’s no learning curve to climb because navigation and use are entirely self-prompting.”

Users can select genres, make playlists or search content via the HD-TV GUI. It also provides access to web radio, AM/FM or any satellite radio services. Other features include “widgets,” which provide quickie access to news, weather, webcams, and more.

According to ReQuest, users will need a VGA-component converter or other means of accepting or converting VGA signals. Existing ReQuest users can get the software update online. However, the ReQuest HD-TV GUI will be included into ReQuest’s operating system v4.6.3, which is available now.


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