RainMachine Can Adjust Sprinklers via Wi-Fi

The new sprinkler controller will soon start selling on Amazon.

With warmer weather slowly sneaking in, people are starting to think about their lawns. Now, thinking and actually doing something is totally different. Maybe that’s why we’re starting to see some automated solutions popping up.

The latest is the RainMachine, a new sprinker controller that can adjust watering based on time and weather conditions. That means that you won’t be one of those people watering the lawn in the middle of a rainstorm.

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Not only does that save you from some embarrassment, it should also save you a few bucks on water — and plants!

The RainMachine connects to your home’s existing Wi-Fi setup and can forecast up to 7 days, delivering real-time info about temperature, wind and rainfall right on the touchscreen. Users can set up different watering zones and program options, including specific weekdays, even/odd days, Cycle and Soak, or a Station Delay.

Also, you don’t have to be near the touchscreen to tweak those settings. There’s a free RainMachine app for iOS and Android devices.

Currently, RainMachine is out of stock, but the company is expecting to be replenished by Tuesday, April 15. Once the product is available again, it will be available on the RainMachine website and through Amazon. Although no pricing is currently available, it was previously listed for $249.

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