Quirky Puts Support for Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and Z-Wave into Wink Hub

The $79 hub will work in conjunction with the Wink app for iOS and Android devices.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to the Quirky Aros smart air conditioner. The Aros works in conjunction with the Wink app to make smart AC possible. Thanks to the popularity of the product (and backing by GE), Quirky recently announced plans to spin off Wink into its own company.

“Wink will focus on development and delivery of an open technology platform with an ecosystem of partners that connects people with familiar brands and trusted home products—all from their mobile devices,” the company said in its release.

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That lengthy statement basically means that the newly formed company is hoping to bring more home automation to the masses. And they’re hoping to do that via the Wink Hub.

The Wink Hub is designed to be just that — a hub for all of your home control needs. It’s a small $79 box, which can bring just about everything from the wonderful world of home automation together under one system and one app. It comes packing support for Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave, allowing any and all connected devices to be controlled through the Wink app.

Besides working with other Wink-enabled products, such as the Egg Minder, The New York Times says that 15 companies have already signed on to support the Wink Hub, with about 60 different Wink-enabled products expected to launch in July alone. Those products will come from companies like General Electric, Honeywell, Philips and others, and include items such as cameras, sprinklers and light bulbs.

Quirky plans to start selling the Wink Hub on July 7 at Home Depot and Amazon. That same day, the new Wink app will be available through iTunes and the Google Play Store, as a free download.

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