Qsonix Announces New Screen, New Storage

Digital media manufacturer also releases 2.42 software for Q110 system.


The Qsonix touchscreen comes in two sizes: 15 and 17 inches.

Size does matter — at least in Qsonix land.

The digital media maker just announced a new funky, friendly 17-inch touchscreen to make beautiful music with its audio management system. The TS17 can sit sweetly on a tabletop or be mounted on the wall.

New toys are certainly fun, but add in 1.5TB of media, and it’s party time. Now with new storage capacities, the Q110 system can store up to 4,000 CDs in WMA mode or 25,000 when compressed.

To add to the multimedia mix, the company also has a 2.42 version of the software for its Q110 system. The update adds in features such as the ability to burn and play back CDs simultaneously, client support for DirectWay and satellite-based web service, and more.

The software upgrade is available free to existing Qsonix customers. Call an installer to get it, or the other goodies.


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