QMotion Makes QAdvanced Motorized Roller Shade Narrow

The battery-operated shade is designed for homes with small windows.

Not having to run around to open and close the shades is certainly a luxury. However, QMotion is making it a reality for just about everyone — even those of you with smaller windows. The company’s new QAdvanced roller shades are available in narrower sizes for such spaces.

No wiring is necessary. The QAdvanced system actually uses three AA batteries to rise and lower on cue. However, each one is just as stylish as a hardwired setup, with the batteries tucked inside the shade cube.

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According to QMotion, QAdvanced works with windows as small as 15.5 inches wide. Other features include QMotion’s patented manual override feature, easy programming and control, and safety because there are no cords. The QAdvanced uses high-precision steel ball bearings to cut down on the friction when the shades move. That translates into a super-quiet operation.

The QAdvanced system can adjust to preset open positions or you can manually adjust to any height by pulling the bottom bar. Each one can also be programmed to raise and lower at preset times throughout the day, helping to reduce energy consumption. Of course, QMotion also has iOS and Android apps for remote control and the shades can even be integrated with most home automation systems.

QMotion offers a wide selection of fabrics for light filtering, as well as decorative and blackout materials. Several choices of painted or fabric-covered fascia are also available to conceal the top of the automated roller shades.

Prices for QAdvanced roller shades vary by window size, fabric selections and other options. Contact an authorized QMotion dealer for pricing and additional information.

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