Pro Control Prices iPro.8 iOS Controller at $149

The companion controller for Apple smartphones and tablets is now shipping.


Pro Control is releasing a new remote designed for those of you addicted to the iPhone or iPad. However, this is an actual remote — and it’s pretty affordable.

The company, which is a division of Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), just started shipping its iPro.8 companion controller. Priced at just $149, this option ties into Pro Control’s ProPanel app, which is designed for the iPod touch, the iPhone or the iPad. However, the iPro.8 is a dedicated remote, with instant connectivity and hard buttons for tactile control.

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Once connected to the system, users can have the remote on-hand for everything from flipping channels to DVR transport. Designed for use with any Pro Control ProLink processor with an activated ProPanel app, the iPro.8 uses RF technology to tap into your home’s system.

“While many consumers love using their smartphones and tablets for control of electronics and entertainment systems, the use of such devices does come with a few limitations that can lead to frustration — most notably, lack of tactile control, connectivity issues, and the numerous page-swipes required,” said Mike Everett, general manager at Pro Control. “With its programmable hard buttons and RF technology, our iPro.8 companion remote was designed to address these issues specifically by providing a dedicated controller at a low cost, while allowing end-users to continue using their touchscreen devices as the main graphical interface.”

Pro Control is selling the iPro.8 now, with an MSRP of $149.


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