Powerline Control Systems Ships Mi Lightstyle

The new lighting and home control solution boasts easy, remote home access.


Earlier this year, we were talking up Mi Lightstyle, a new lighting and home control package from Powerline Control Systems. Now, the company says that the product has started shipping.

Mi Lightstyle is a hardware/software package that provides system control via web-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers. Smartphone and tablet control is available via an add-on app. Other add-ons can provide monitoring of electricity use and WeatherBug info, as well as add more control options, or allow owners to host their own website right on Mi LightStyle.

According to PCS, Mi LightStyle is easy to install and use. Once it’s up and running, users can monitor, control and manage UPB-driven PulseWorx products, thermostats, irrigation items and IR-driven products, all from any device that can connect to the Internet.

Through a drag-and-drop interface, installers can also create timers, triggers, events and email/text notifications based on device status, time of day, and even weather conditions.

Mi LightStyle apps are available now at both the Apple Store and the Android Marketplace.


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