Portus Teams Remote Monitoring, Energy Management

Portus Home provides a remote peek over your home's systems and energy savings.


The Z-Wave-enabled Portus Home system connects directly to your existing broadband modem.

Is there anything your cell phone can’t do? At this point, no. While it can’t quite make your bed and do your laundry, Portus allows you to save a few bucks — so maybe you can hire someone to do your chores for you.

The new Portus Home solution allows you to use a cell phone or other web-enabled device to peek in on your home’s happenings, as well as its energy consumption.

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The sensors and system connect inside the house via Z-Wave. Outside, users can connect with family and friends via a Portus home-based web camera and any Internet browser. When security sensors are tripped, the system also notifies the homeowner via SMS, email or voicemail, and captures action via a wireless camera.

Web cams and sensors are nothing new, but Portus’ added hook is that it allows customers to keep an eye on a home’s energy consumption — and turn down lights or other appliances to maybe save a few bucks.

Portus Home will be available starting April 1. The starter kit ($250) includes a gateway, camera, occupancy and door sensors and an appliance module. Monitoring services run an additional $15 per month.

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