Philips SR-M8015 Remote is a Big Boy

As an upcoming part of the Prestigo line, this remote could take on all of your others -- and control 15 different devices.


Start your finger exercises: Philips' SR-M8015 is a bad boy that will control up to 15 devices.

If Philips was going for the Guinness remote record, job very well done.

The SR-M8015 looks like the fatter version of the Philips SRU8015. In fact, it looks like it ate three other remotes. Thankfully, it functions for those three as well, controlling up to 15 devices. This tabletop device is perfect for home control freaks that love to push buttons – a lot of them.

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Just like the SRU8015, there’s also an LCD, with plenty of pretty channel icons, in case you forgot where Lifetime is located and are too afraid to ask. Speaking of Lifetime, if you never want to see that channel again, that wish might come true: Supposedly, there are His and Hers buttons too.

Of course, there’s no release date yet, but apparently it isn’t priced by the button — $100 to 150 is pretty darn cheap.

Have to agree with the Engadget guys about the name though. OK, we get that it’s part of the Prestigo line, but for such a big boy, there’s got to be a better name than another “faceless” number.


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