Philips Adds New hue Lights and a Disney Partnership

The new GU10 spotlight and BR30 downlight can put automated lighting into new areas of the home.

Philips is brightening up the hue smart lighting line with a pair of new products and a bit of Disney magic.

The company just added the GU10 spotlight and BR30 downlight bulbs to its line. The hue GU10 is designed for recessed spotlight fixtures with a recess depth over 85mm, while the BR30 is more for ceiling downlights or floodlights. Both are basically just another way to get the hue lights into your existing setup. There’s really nowhere that it can’t go.

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That lineup also includes the children’s room. Philips just announced a partnership with Disney that will add lighting and automation to story time. StoryLight combines the color and features of hue with Disney characters and stories. There’s a dedicated app that can connect to hue lights and specially created Disney eBooks. Once you start reading, each page is synchronized with the Mickey-shaped Bloom light for a truly magical experience. (Check out the video below for a little sneak peek.)

The original Hue product is a smart LED bulb that can screw into any existing bulb socket. From there, it operates via your home’s Wi-Fi network and a little bridge add-on. Once connected, the Hue can be controlled from any iOS or Android device, using the free Hue app. Since the hue’s debut, Philips has added other products into the lineup. Besides a little wow factor, the company says that hue bulbs can deliver 80 percent energy savings compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Both the GU10 and the BR30 are selling now for $59 each. A hue starter pack includes three bulbs, a bridge for your Wi-Fi router, and a $199 MSRP. It’s upgradable and controllable via an app for iOS devices.

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