Pete’s Urban Paradise

When it came to technology, Pete Mounts wanted it all. He just didn't want to see any of it.


Photo by Blake Sumner.

Pete Mounts only had one simple request: “I want it all, but I better not see any of it!”

Mounts had just purchased a small home in the popular Virginia Highlands district of Atlanta. The plan was to knock it down and start over. Every inch of the new home would reflect Pete’s lifestyle and preferences. The project would be known as “Casa Pete.”

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To assist with such a grandiose endeavor, Pete hired Joel Kelly, a prominent Atlanta-based architect trained by the legendary Michael Graves. The months that followed included numerous meetings where technology was discussed and key decisions were made.

In addition to satisfying Pete’s desire for functionality, control and convenience, the installer also wanted to expose him to other possibilities. This would sometimes lead to concern from the architect, who felt deservedly responsible for the entire project.

Tech highlights of the home include: structured wiring (including fiber), monitored security, surveillance cameras, multiroom audio, temperature/humidity controls, digital music storage, HD satellite TV, surround sound, IR distribution, an advanced phone system with integrated front door intercom, whole-house power conditioning, flat-screen displays, lighting control, wired and wireless networking, integrated control system and remote access.

In the end, great success was achieved with this project, and Pete is very happy in his urban paradise.


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