PC-Based Sprinkler System Adapts to Forecast

The Cyber-Rain wireless sprinkler controller promises easy management of the home’s lawn and garden sprinkler system.

Cyber-Rain Screenshot

A screenshot from the Cyber-Rain software.

Saving money and saving water are two things everyone could do more of. The new Cyber-Rain XCI from Cyber-Rain, Inc. looks to do both for homeowners by making management of the home’s sprinkler system easier. The system comes in three parts: A controller system that wirelessly links to the home PC, a USB-connected wireless access point to link the computer to the controller, and software to manage the system. The interface looks pretty straightforward and intuitive, letting the user create zones and adjust watering schedules.

There are some features that I really like. The system will monitor the local weather forecast and make adjustments accordingly. If it’s going to rain, the sprinklers will be shut off. On cool and humid days the system will reduce watering to prevent soggy or moldy lawns and gardens. On hot, dry days the watering will be increased. Total water use is tracked to help gauge expenses and cut costs, and the system will make adjustments when fertilizer or sod has just gone in. And $295 is not much to spend on a pretty smart system that makes landscape management easier and fun. Check out all the system details at www.cyber-rain.com.

Ben HardyBetween watching re-runs of the “The Jetsons” and convincing his Insteon and Z-Wave controls to get along, Ben Hardy is immersed in the world of home automation, home control, and home networking.


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