On-Q/Legrand Promotes Unity

The company's new home system combines multiroom audio, intercom, and camera features.

On-Q/Legrand Unity

On-Q/Legrand's Unity combines multiroom audio, cameras and intercom features in one home system.

You don’t have be spiritual or loving to want a little Unity in your life.

We’re talking about On-Q/Legrand‘s Unity Home System. Designed as part of On-Q’s Studio Collection, Unity combines multiroom audio, intercom and camera features into one whole-house system.

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Built on On-Q’s plug-and-play functionality, the system includes an Integration Module and an LCD Console. The module acts as the “brains” behind the system, with the LCD providing an easy way for any homeowner to access the system. The company says the GUI operates just like a cell phone or iPod, with easy, menu-driven navigation. It also allows digital music playback via the LCD.

“Unity is the first and only truly integrated home system designed for the production home market,” said Dan Tarkoff, VP of On-Q/Legrand’s product management and engineering. “The innovative functionality, beautiful design, and unprecedented value of this system guarantee that it will change the way people think about home technology.”

A typical Unity system would encompass four rooms of intercom, four zones of audio, and one camera. Of course, you can add on — up to 32 rooms, eight zones, four cameras, and even eight LCD Consoles or other TV displays.

No pricing was announced, but On-Q/Legrand says the interface “is roughly 50 percent of the cost of others on the market.” Unity should be available by mid-2009.


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