On-Q Adds Colorful Studio Collection Wall Plates and Devices

On-Q/Legrand has 17 contemporarly color options for its sleek Studio Collection that will make you and your home's walls happy.

onq studio

On-Q/Legrand's Studio Collection in moss color

No matter what type of color scheme you’ve got going on in your house, On-Q/Legrand’s got you covered with its new wall plates and devices. No more worrying that off-white just won’t fit in with that shade of green or magenta in your bedroom.

On-Q’s new Studio Collection features “global art and living influences,” according to On-Q, and the result is 17 contemporary color options for these sleek decorative and functional pieces.

The curvy design includes titanium edging and a screwless finish for added flair and less obtrusiveness.

The Studio Collection devices from On-Q include its Selective Call Intercom System, 7-inch LCD Console, and lyriQ whole-house audio system.

Here are the colors and color categories:

  • Basics: gloss black, light almond, titanium, white
  • Neutrals: cement, khaki, sable, taupe
  • Hues: aloe, Bordeaux, cameo pink, citrus, Cozumel, cyan, moss, nirvana, Spanish red

And if none of those work for you, maybe it’s time to hire an interior designer.


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