OHEA Smart Bed Handles Your Most Dreaded Chore

Spanish furniture maker OHEA is manufacturing a bed that can actually make itself.


Did you remember to make the bed today? A company named OHEA is hoping to take that chore off your daily to-do list.

The Spanish furniture maker is creating buzz with the new OHEA Smart Bed, a bed that can actually make itself.

OHEA says that the Smart Bed can be made in about 50 seconds — and has a video to back up that claim (see below). The system uses a mechanical arm and two rollers to pull up the bottom sheet, followed by the top cover. Separate cords handle the pillows.

No buttons or controllers are needed; the process starts automatically about 3 seconds after you stand up. If you don’t like a freshly made bed after that midnight snack run, there is a manual option. The Smart Bed also has safety features, so it’s not trying to tuck you in at night or anything.

The OHEA Smart Bed probably isn’t a good option for extra pillows, your grandma’s homemade quilt, or violent sleepers. In fact, it’s not even a good option for people that like their own sheets. According to the company’s FAQ, a duvet, pillowcases, the bottom sheet, a mattress cover, and duvet inserts will be available soon via the web.

A few items missing from that FAQ list: When the OHEA Smart Bed will be available and how much it’s going to cost. Also, since the video is completely silent, it’s hard to tell if the bed is noisy to the point of aiding the wake-up process. In the meantime, you can dream and watch the demo below.

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