Nuvo Expands Wireless Music Options

More zones and more power.

While the wireless war rages on among audio enthusiasts, Nuvo has expanded its wireless audio line with the P3500.

One of the greatest things about wireless audio systems is how easily music can be distributed around a home. Previously Nuvo only offered single-zone systems (you can read a review of Nuvo’s wireless music products here). The new P3500 ups that to three zones. It can deliver three independent music streams to three different zones and power those streams with 200 watts per zone, which is almost twice what the single-zone P200 delivers.

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The unit is also designed for rack mounting, which makes it particularly friendly for custom integrators.

To use the P3500 you first need Nuvo’s Wi-Fi gateway, the G100. From there you can add as many P3500s or Nuvo’s single-zone players as you need to cover every room in your home (for a total of 16 zones).

The system allows streaming of various internet-based music services, internet radio as well as your own locally-stored music.

The Nuvo P3500 is available for $2,999.

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