NuVo Adds iPod-Like Controller

The Wireless Control Pad promises control and metadata for Grand Concerto and Essentia E6G users.

NuVo Wireless Control Pad

NuVo's Wireless Control Pad works with the company's Grand Concerto and Essentia E6G systems.

There’s something about NuVo’s new controller that makes us think about the iPod. Maybe it’s the metadata, maybe it’s the clickwheel.

However, the Wireless Control Pad packs more than your on-the-go music and videos. It offers those with the Grand Concerto and Essentia E6G multi-room audio systems a new control, as well as a way to add in music from any iPod, PC, music server, satellite radio, and more.

The handheld features a 1.6-inch OLED in a remote about the size of a smartphone. The size makes it easy to take anywhere in the house, and select music or sources for the whole house. That’s a nice feature for accessing music in the backyard or other area where you don’t want to put an in-wall touchpanel. Of course, you can also add plenty of Wireless Control Pads into the system; each one coordinates with one Network Coorindator, which is included. The system also includes a tabletop docking station.

NuVo hasn’t announced pricing, but you can expect to see the Wireless Control Pad pop up towards the end of this year 2008.


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