NuTone Mixes Home Automation System Under Smart Home Series

The new home automation system combines security, energy savings, convenience and control.

NuTone Offers Home Automation System Under Smart Home Series

When it comes to a home automation system, some people love to mix and match different products. NuTone is making all sorts of possibilities available under the new Smart Home Series.

The NuTone Smart Home Series combines everything you’d want in a home automation system, with management as well. That means you can combine security, energy savings, convenience and control under one system. It even makes all of those pieces of the puzzle available at your fingertips, whether you’re across the room or across the world.

Everything under the NuTone Smart Home Series will work with your favorite home automation system hub and app—as long as it’s a Z-Wave hub (and you purchase it separately). Both can be paired with all of the NuTone Smart Home Series devices, which will include the Smart Garage Door Controller, Smart Outlets and Smart Lighting products at launch.

Of course, the Smart Garage Door Controller (pictured) can wirelessly control and monitor the garage door. The lighting lineup includes the Smart Dimmable LED Light Bulb, the Smart Wall Switch, the Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, and the Smart 3-Way Wall Dimmer Switch. The Smart Fixture Control can operate and control virtually any electrical device or appliance. It’s recommended for lighting, ventilation fans, ceiling fans and more. The Smart Wall Outlet can automate anything that’s plugged into the outlet. Similarly, the Smart Plug-In Dimmer Module and a Smart Plug-In Appliance Module can automate any device that’s plugged into each module.

“At NuTone, we strive to make consumers’ lives easier and more efficient with our smart, interactive technologies,” said Jessica Lindquist, marketing manager for Broan-NuTone’s Low Voltage/Specialty Product Categories. “The NuTone Smart Home Series is our next generation of product offerings that will do just that. Homeowners now have the power to manage their homes’ climate, secure access to their homes, and control lighting and appliances, either automatically or with just one touch.”

Designed in conjunction with Nortek Security & Control Group, the NuTone Smart Home Series is scalable and guaranteed to work with most certified Z-Wave hubs.


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