Numinus StarDomes and StarTiles Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

The fiber-optic StarDomes and StarTiles give you a starfield effect or sunsets or shooting stars to add to your home theaters.

numinus dome

Numinus' StarDome

If you’re looking for a wow factor product in your home theater, or maybe another special room of your home, one thing that seems to blow people away is the fiber-optic starfield on the ceiling. It allows you to have a bit of lighting so the theater isn’t totally dark, it doesn’t affect the video performance, and it’s aesthetically spectacular.

The California company Numinus, which exhibited at last week’s Electronic House Expo, takes the starfield approach even further to add a luxurious and cool-looking touch to your ceiling decor. Its line of StarDomes and StarTiles gives you everything from the sky and clouds to sunsets and sunrises to starfields.

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The spherical StarDomes are fiberglass layup domes with cove lighting and a painted mural, in which you can add things like shooting stars or the moon. The lighting can be tied into a lighting system for easy control and settings of “scenes” for the true wow factor.

The StarDomes are available in sizes ranging from 2-foot to 6-foot diameters and 6-by-9-foot oval grande. Additionally, the StarTiles from Numinus can provide you with a more traditional looking starfield — especially cool if you love Sci-Fi movies.

Numinus’ products, including a range of LED lighting control, have even been featured on shows like VH1′s The Fabulous Life and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The company says the products also add a relaxing feel and fit right in with feng shui if you’re into that as well. We just think they’re cool.


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