Nucano Makes Smart Door Chime a Home Automation Hub

The upcoming option can connect to and control over 1,000 existing devices

Who knew that the doorbell could be the most important piece in a smart home automation system? Apparently, the people at Nucano LLC.

Nucano is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Nucano Smart Door Chime, a doorbell that doubles as a DIY home automation hub.

According to the company, the Nucano Smart Door Chime can connect to and control over 1,000 existing devices, via Wi-Fi and/or wireless Z-Wave. That means you can integrate Nucano with door locks, smart thermostats, security cameras, and home automation devices. It can even send alerts to your mobile devices, as well as video clips whenever someone rings the bell. The Nucano doorbell has its own app, for both iOS and Android devices.

The Nucano Smart Door Chime installs and functions like any other doorbell. However, it has software from InControl LLC, allowing the device to provide temperature info both inside and out, as well as serve as an alarm. Oh, and it also functions as a doorbell, but can play any tune stored on your mobile phone.

“At Nucano, we love rethinking old concepts,” said Matt Cupal, co-founder of Nucano. “In looking at the home automation market, we felt that ease-of-use and standout design were missing. Fusing a smart door chime into a home intelligence hub gave us the opportunity to craft something truly unique.”

Nucano currently has 12 days to go on the company’s Kickstarter campaign. To secure the Nucano Smart Door Chime, you must pledge a minimum of $115 (sorry, the $99 offer is all gone). If the company reaches its $95,000 goal, backers can expect to receive the first Nucano shipment sometime in February 2015.

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