Nokia’s Home Control Center to Use Z-Wave

Energy monitoring via mesh networking and is planned.


Z-Wave wireless networking developer Zensys has been touting the mesh network’s green benefits, and that may become more of a reality with the a Z-Wave-enabled Nokia Home Control Center that will monitor home applications and lighting as well as the reduction of electricity, gas, water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions—and all from a handheld device like a smart phone.

Z-Wave says the Nokia Home Control Center will allow compatibility and control within the interoperable Z-Wave ecosystem that’s over 300 products strong. The Z-Wave ecosystem lets the user monitor and control their electricity usage, switch devices on and off, and monitor home systems and devices such as temperature controls, security cameras, and motion detectors.

A user can take control of the home, locally or remotely, from the palm of a hand using a Nokia handheld device.

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There has been some debate over whether Z-Wave or rival mesh tech ZigBee will be the better solution for home-based energy monitoring systems that can report on your electricity usage, for example. ZigBee is being considered in some smart meter trials conducted by utilities, while Z-Wave has maintained that it is better positioned in devices inside the home.

I saw some Z-Wave systems touting their green-ness at the recent Electronic House Expo, but it’s clear to me that neither Z-Wave nor ZigBee has a strong foothold on this category. Nokia’s Home Control Center, reportedly due in late 2009, may be a start.


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