Nokia Looking to Add Cell Alerts to Tattoos

Nokia has applied for a patent that could actually make that impulse tattoo useful.


Is your tramp stamp talking to me or are you just getting a call?

Sometimes you can’t help but stare at someone’s tattoos. Maybe they’re in a weird spot, feature someone famous, or well… they’re just plain bad. (Or they combine two of those things.) Imagine the attention when your tattoo actually begins to vibrate.

Yes, according to Newser, that little feature could soon be on its way. Nokia is working on a way to link up your tattoo with your cell service. They’ve even taken the insane idea to the patent stage.

In other words, they’ve given up on creating a better phone. Instead, they want to create a better you — now with more phone.

The patent says something about “tattooing, stamping, or spraying ‘ferromagnetic’ material onto skin” or putting it on a fingernail. When the thing starts shaking, you either have a call, a message, a low battery, a calendar alert, or maybe you’re just having an allergic reaction to embedding ferromagnetic material into your body.

Yeah, this sounds really safe. That said, a lot of things aren’t safe. Cars, marshmallow Peeps, microwavable slippers; the list goes on. How about microwaves in general? Well, here’s the thing: No one is asking me to cook something under my eyelids.

Then, of course, Newser throws a wrench into the whole idea by mentioning that they could actually use the marker against you — and not just in job interviews. It could be used to track who you are and what you’re doing. That’s right, people; it’s not just for bad Michael Bay movies. Well, it is, but now it can be used for something else as well.

Also, who knows where it could go from here? If there were an option for scratching your hand to change TV channels or draw the shades, would you consider going under the tattoo needle? Anyone? Hello? Is this tattoo on?


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