Niveus Ships Vista-Based Media Centers

New Windows-based servers include supports for digital cable, HD DVD, Intel's Viiv, and more.


The Rainer features proprietary Niveus Media technology, ISF video quality certification, and the Intel Viiv technology platform.

Niveus is beating some of the computer geeks to the punch by including Vista into their 2007 media centers — four of them to be exact.

The Summit Series’ Rainier and Denali Editions, as well as the Pro Series’ n9 and n7 are all CableCard-ready and will HD DVD support.

What’s the big deal about having Windows inside? For one, you won’t have to add yet another box into your stuffed equipment rack. These can handle cable and digital video recording functions.

Boasting brighter, better and faster in all of its specs, Niveus is also tooting its horn for including Intel’s Viiv as well, which includes Core 2 Duo processors, HD DVD and HDMI output.

Highlights for the Rainer includes up to three TV tuners, 750GB of storage, 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi and 8-channel audio. The Denali and Denali Limited Edition has HDMI video output, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to four television tuners 1.5TB of storage, and 8-channel analog output.

If you’re calling the custom crowd, the Pro Series n7 and n9 are both rack mountable, with HD DVD Nvidia’s GeForce Series 8 Graphics and HDMI output. Either one can also act as a hub; combine one with a third-party controller and you’ve got a multi-zoned high-tech home.

The Rainier Edition and Denali Editions start at $3,199 and $7,999, respectively. Double that for the Pro Series n7 and n9, which start at $7,999 and $15,999.


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