Niles Shipping Super-Cool Controller

Announced last summer, the iC2 packs control of up to 16 sources into one big-buttoned beauty.


The iC2 system utilizes ZigBee wireless technology.

The iC2 control system doesn’t have fancy touchscreens or web access. It gets back to the basics of buttons — in a super-cool, Star-Trek-style package.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the iC2; Niles actually announced it last summer. The news, however, is that it’s now shipping. After all, it’s much more comfortable to plop down on the couch and push buttons until you blister a finger than pushing them on your computer screen and getting nothing but fingerprints.

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Much like mainstream favorite, the Harmony the iC2 can control a slew of functions (turn on the TV, DVD player, dim lights) at the touch of a single button. Unlike the Harmony, you’re going to have to call in an installer to get one and configure it.

Designed to control 16 devices via ZigBee technology, the iC2 includes two components: the main system that manages all of your components, and the remote that you can push like a mental patient.

The iC2 is available now for $995.95.

Read the Entire Press Release Here.


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