Niles Audio Joins AMX InConcert Program for More Flexible IntelliControl Integration

Niles' IntelliControl ICS whole-home audio system will plug and play with AMX home control to give users easier access to the myriad of listening choices.

Niles ICS

Niles Audio's IntelliControl ICS display

Niles Audio’s IntelliControl ICS whole-home audio system already featured plenty of conveniences — including its multitude of audio source options — and it recently added more flexibility by joining the AMX InConcert program.

This will allow the ICS to integrate seamlessly into AMX’s whole-home control systems, making it simpler for your electronic systems professional to install and for you to experience. In the long run, it’s part of Niles’ efforts to develop similar products that play well with low-voltage subsystems like lighting, Internet, security and HVAC, the company says.

Befitting a program called “InConcert” that it will now incorporate into, Niles’ ICS provides you with distributed audio from sources such as CD, AM/FM, media servers, Sirius and XM satellite radio, HD radio and iPods.

Visit for more details about the ICS.


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