Nielsen: People are Embracing Android

According to new numbers, Android is gaining momentum.


Pictured: Samsung's Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch

Every company seems to have an app these days. Those companies may want to think about putting out a little something for Android users — if they haven’t already. Apparently, the platform is gaining momentum.

According to an August Nielsen survey, 43 percent of all smartphone owners have an Android device. However, if you ask the people that bought within the past three months, 56 percent say that they picked Android for that recent purchase.

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Not to worry Apple fans; the iPhone is still extremely popular. That said, it placed second in this survey, with 28 percent of the smartphone crowd claiming iPhone ownership. Nielsen says that those numbers could certainly change if (or when) Apple releases a new iPhone or makes the device available to a new carrier.

Overall, the Nielsen numbers show that the “need” for smartphones is on the rise. About 56 percent of people that bought a phone in the past three months picked a smartphone over something less high-tech. We can’t blame them. With so many home control options and other apps available, it seems like a no-brainer.


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