NFL Star Amani Toomer Talks Whole-House Audio

No more earbuds for this former wide receiver. Retired New York Giants star uses his iPad to stream music.


It takes hard work, dedication and a love of the sport to have a career as stellar as retired New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer. And as Electronic House learned recently during a telephone interview with the Super Bowl XLII champion, a favorite hip-hop song before a game never hurt, either.

While Toomer might have gotten his head in the game by donning a pair of earbuds, today the retired football star is more apt to get his music fix while lounging in the living room of his New Jersey residence, which was recently outfitted with a whole-house audio system by Todd Puma from The Source Home Theater in Manhattan.

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Here’s what Toomer had to say about his multizone music system from Marantz America and NuVo.

Why did you decide to have a whole-house music system installed into your home?
I used to listen to a lot of music to get me focused for a game. Music also has a way of putting you in a time and place where you may have first heard a song, like on a vacation or even back in high school. I wanted to be able to relive those memories in the comfort of my home.

What types of music do you like?
Hip-hop, R&B and rock and reggae are a few of my favorites; I have a pretty eclectic music collection. Most of it I download from iTunes.The NuVo and Marantz system I have connects right into my account and my wife’s account,so we have one great big ball of music. And my collection is constantly growing. If I hear something I like on the radio, I’ll use my Shazam app to add it into my iTunes library.

imageHow does your whole-house audio system enhance your listening experience?
I can hear my music from any room in my house. I just use my iPhone to pick out something to play and the region that I want to play it in. Being able to use my iPhone as control device has made things so much more convenient and user-friendly than the previous system I had, which was operated through wall-mounted keypads.

The system has also changed the way I listen to music. I used to be a very active listener; now I’m more of a passive listener where music plays in the background. I’ll play music throughout the day, not only for enjoyment but to help our twins develop a real appreciation for it.

Do you consider yourself a tech enthusiast?
I never considered myself to be a technology enthusiast, but now with the addition of the system I think I might be turning into one. Now that I’m retired, I’m home a lot more and have time to tinker. The system has pushed me to become more of a tech head.

You mentioned iTunes as a primary source of music. Do you use anything else?
We have Sirius radio, Pandora and Netflix. Right now, we’re just getting comfortable with the system, but I expect to start exploring these sources soon.

Besides having easy access to music, what else do you like about your whole-house audio system?
The style of our home is very modern, so being able to keep the rack of equipment out of sight n our home office [and have the system stream he songs over cabling to built-in speakers] has been a huge benefit.


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