New Savant TVs – Go Ahead, Touch ‘em

Savant has introduced 18- and 24-inch TVs to be used as touchpanels.


Forget that measly 6-inch touchpanel. If you’re already installing a TV in a secondary room like the kitchen or bathroom, how about having it pull double duty as a touchscreen?

You can do it if you have an automation system from Savant, which provides Apple-based home control.

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As such, the company has been at the forefront of integrating Apple’s iPad as a home control device (that can be docked even) in lieu of its traditional touchpanels, which it’s actually discontinuing to give greater room to the iPad.

But for those who can afford substantially more than the drop in the bucket of an iPad, Savant has come out with two new touch interfaces that are really televisions — the TTV-2018 and TTV-2024 Touch TVs, whose capacitive displays measure 18.5 and 24 diagonal inches, respectively.

The TVs are meant to be mounted on walls, and for the most part will probably end up in more commercial than residential installs, so you’ll be able to use them at your local sports bar perhaps.

But we’ve already seen many sweet Savant installations here at Electronic House, and we know some of those homeowners will probably look forward to having one of these 24-inch Touch TVs in the kitchen, so while preparing dinner they can access their audio and video systems, lighting, climate, security, IP cameras and whatever else their custom electronics pro has integrated. The TVs will be available starting in October at MSRPs of $8,500 and $10,000, respectively.


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