NetStreams Touchpad Features 50-Watt Amp

The new TouchLinx TLA250 faceplate looks pretty funky.

NetStreams TouchLinX TLA250

The TouchLinx TLA250 features a built-in 50-watt per channel amplifier and faceplate that can be tailored to any home's decor.

Most people might look at you funny if you were yelling into a wallplate. NetStreams not only adds audio to those control spots, but it looks darn good while doing it.

The new TouchLinX TLA250 features a built-in 50-watt-per-channel amplifier for audio features. When cranking out music, the LCD shows metadata such as song, artist and album info, as well as the status of lighting, HVAC and other home systems. It also has intercom, monitoring and paging functions.

On the front of the unit is an IR receiver, which can receive commands from a universal remote.

Another nifty new feature: It looks as good as it performs. Instead of getting into the old fashion-versus-function argument with your installer, the company says the new designer-friendly glass finish faceplate can be tailored to match almost any decor. The faceplate appears flat, operating with only touch-sensitive buttons. After all, not everyone wants their technology to stick out like a sore thumb.


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