NetBlender Plans to Merge Blu-ray & iPod, iPhone

Another company wants to push adoption of Blu-ray by teaming it with a few familiar handhelds.

Apple iPhone

Is there no end to what the iPhone can do? BD Touch will soon add Blu-ray features for the handheld.

SpeakerCraft isn’t the only one with iPod/iPhone remote control plans.

This week, NetBlender will announce BD Touch, a technology that links a BD-Live Blu-Ray player to any iPhone or iPod touch.

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Once the network (Wi-Fi or AT&T) is set up, users can tap into either device (literally) as a remote control — as well as possibilities for instant interactivity including e-commerce and advertising (your favorite!).

“The key thing is that BD Touch is a two way communication technology, meaning BD Touch allows Blu-Ray discs to send and receive data from an iPhone/iPod Touch,” says Denny Breitenfeld, NetBlender’s CTO. “The data can be images, text, audio, video and what we call Player commands like fast forward. This technology is going to be built into our professional Blu-Ray authoring tool so studios can take advantage of it, and we are releasing an SDK so developers can create all kinds of applications for consumer.”

NetBlender will make its official announcement on Thursday.


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