NAPCO Security Launches iBridge Connected Home Lineup

Three typical configurations offer control via an app, as well as a wireless or hardwired tablet.

About a year ago, NAPCO introduced the iBridge Connected Home concept. Now, the company is launching that lineup, which promises to put complete home control into a variety of devices, including a smartphone, tablet or computer based on the Internet of Things concept.

The iBridge lineup starts with the IBR-ZREMOTE Bus-Mount Module, which allows for remote control of security, as well as lighting, door locks, thermostats, and more. Many of those are Z-Wave devices, making setup easy and the system compatible with thousands of products currently available. When it comes to control, users can opt for a Wi-Fi 802.11 color tablet or use the iBridge app, which is compatible with iOS and Droid devices. A hardwired version of the tablet is also available.

A few of the lighting and temperature control features include the option to set and schedule timers, set scenes, and more. Video options will allow users to check security cameras and get video message alerts. There are plenty of other security options as well, so users can lock doors, send text messages and emails, and set alarms.

“We are proud to provide the public with a product that will help make people’s homes safer, more energy efficient and convenient,” says Richard L. Soloway, chairman of NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.

Contact NAPCO for additional information about the products, the setup and any associated fees.

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