My N3RD Allows Control of Any Device from a Smartphone

The new Wi-Fi product doesn't need the web or a router.

There are several companies looking to make everyday tasks easier and accessible through the web. That’s why we keep seeing new and innovative “smart” devices popping up.

However, why would you want to buy a whole new crop of connected products, when you can just add smart features to existing devices around the home? That’s the idea behind My N3RD (that’s “nerd” to you), a new Wi-Fi product that can add control to any device when combined with a smartphone.

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My N3RD claims to work with every gadget, vehicle and appliance you own. Just hook the My N3RD smart switch to whatever you want to control. (Just FYI: That will take a bit of wiring expertise.) Then, download the free My N3RD iOS app. (An Android version is in the works.)

Technically, My N3RD doesn’t need a computer or web access — but will take those things, if available. In other words, there are two ways to connect the My N3RD: It works with Wi-Fi, but if that’s not available it will actually create its own network. Once everything is connected, the app can turn devices on and off, set timers, and more.

Currently, My N3RD is seeking funding on Kickstarter to cover remaining production costs. The company has another 31 days to reach its $50,000 goal. At last peek, $75 will score you one of the first My N3RD devices off the line. If all goes well, backers can expect to receive those products sometime in July.

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