Monster’s Home Automation System — Details!

The Monster Einstein runs the gamut when it comes to compatibility.


Got to hand it to the guys at Engadget – they got some tasty details on Monster Cable’s new home automation system, the Monster Einstein.

Yeah — Monster Cable. It’s ironic that a cable company would make such a commitment to HA land, but hey — they do a lot of other things!

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The system really runs the gamut when it comes to compatibility. First of all, the brain of the system, better known as the Nucleus, uses both Z-Wave and Bluetooth to communicate with sensors and various devices all over the home. Then it also has Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as VoIP features. Talk about tech friendly!

Got a calculator handy? The Nucleus is expected to cost about 4 grand, the Electron components are $2,500, the Photon 200-disc DVD changer is another $2,400, the Neutron RAID5-capable storage boxes are $4,900, the Astro Sirius satellite radio tuner is $1,500 and the Tron 7-inch touchpanel is $1,300. All that, plus the cost of the installer you’ll have to call in — and with all of those pieces to tie in, you’ll probably need him!

Supposedly, the Einstein will be available in March 2007.


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