Monsieur: The Ultimate Robot Bartender

Your battery-operated bartender

A Harvey Wallbanger, no problem! A Gibson, coming right up! A White Russian, that’s easy.

It’s not a sexy cocktail waitress, but the new Monsieur for Home robotic bartender might just be the next best thing for clients.

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We’ve seen automation systems designed to track wine collections, but now one can actually mix your drinks. Based in Atlanta, Monsieur has developed the world’s first artificially intelligent robotic bartender. The company, which is using Kickstarter for funding, has just launched a new in-home product that expertly crafts cocktails and spirits to their exact specifications. Monsieur incorporates hardware and a companion smart application for iOS and Android devices as the interface.

“Enjoying cocktails and spirits is a fundamental component of social life for many Americans, but the overall social drinking experience has not been innovated in centuries,” says Barry Givens, CEO and co-founder, Monsieur. “The goal of Monsieur is to redefine the social drinking experience by using smart technology to create a personal bartender, assistant and mixologist for everyone – providing an unmatched cocktail experience, anywhere you might be. We’ve also built in features to encourage responsible drinking by monitoring consumption, estimating blood alcohol levels and even helping users order a cab.”

Monsieur also has a mobile app that integrates with home automation systems such as SmartThings via Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Bluetooth. According to the company, that integration elevates Monsieur for Home into a “personal butler.” For example, the system can be programmed to create a drink based on a particular activity, such as watching sports or a favorite TV show.
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While the average person is familiar only with a handful of drinks and can make only half that number, Monsieur possesses a vast knowledge of cocktails and can introduce a homeowner to thousands of new drinks. Monsieur will even crowd-source new cocktail recipes from users, and allow them to share these new discoveries with friends. The system also includes theme packages that help transform a home party into a trendy nightclub in London or Tiki Bar in Hawaii, for example.

Monsieur Highlights:

• Two models starting at $1499 – 4 or 8 liquid container capacity. Each container holds 30oz of any spirit, mixer, juice, liqueur or even wine.
• Pre-loaded with 12 theme packages, ranging from Tiki Bar to Irish Pub, each with a cocktail list of over 25 drinks – providing immediate access to a library of over 300 drinks.
• Mobile app responsibly monitors drink consumption, estimates blood alcohol level and can help a user get a cab after too much fun.
• Smart butler and home automation functions sense when a user comes home and offers a cocktail. Monsieur can also detect when friends are over and make their favorite drinks.
• Ingredient-level sensing – Monsieur alerts the homeowner when ingredients are low and sends a shopping list, via SMS or email, with what items needed to buy. Monsieur can also automatically order a liquor delivery to a home when it is running low.

The systems learn drink preferences, allowing for new creations and personalized cocktails made to an individual’s specific preferences. Whether someone prefers their drink to be strong or sweet, Monsieur studies a person’s past drink orders to recommend and prepare the ideal cocktail based on that personalized taste. Monsieur even detects when the homeowner has had a long day at work and offers “a double” instead of a single.

“We have combined cutting-edge innovations from robotics, home automation, and mobile and applied them to social drinking, one of the world’s favorite pastimes. The result is a new experience foreshadowed by futuristic views from the Jetsons,” says Dr. Paul Judge, chairman, Monsieur.

In addition to use at home, Monsieur can be utilized in business venues including, bars, night clubs, sports arenas, hotels, etc. By allowing people to skip lines, they are able to spend more time socializing with friends while having a high-quality, consistent drink experience made to their exact specifications – each and every time.

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