Moen ioDigital System Empowers Your Shower

Moen's ioDigital shower, Roman spa and vertical spa control system enables personalized temperature settings for multiple people in the home.


Moen's ioDigital control system allows you to remotely manage water temperature on/off functions and other water savings options.

Control for consumers is the ultimate aphrodisiac and today Americans are used to having it in all facets of their lives. This control ranges from the interface on their iPods and their home theater remote controls, to the steering wheel-mounted radio controls in their cars and Web-enabled HVAC and security controls that are accessed from smartphones.

Moen’s newest product release addresses the need for homeowners to control their showers, vertical spas and Roman spas. The company’s ioDigital system is designed to give users control over water temperature and water flow from anywhere in the home.

The system interface has been engineered to be intuitive to program and use, and it features an LED-based feedback system that indicates when the water temperature has reached the appropriate level, as well as when a home’s supply of hot water is running out.

Homeowners can locate the system’s electronic valve-based unit up to 30 feet away from their bathroom and the system’s waterproof interface along with its optional wireless remote control is available in a choice of colors.

In addition to the remote control and temperature options offered by the system, it also offers the option to pause the flow of water while shampooing, conditioning or just soaping up, and it provides a choice of four presets to enable mom, dad and the kids to have their own comfort setting.

Check with a Moen dealer on pricing.


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