Microsoft Plugging Away on HomeOS Automation Platform

Microsoft says that the company has been working on the concept with 12 real test homes.


Microsoft has been talking up the connected home for a few years. Now, they are giving us a sneak peek at HomeOS, a “PC-like abstraction” that makes all of that magic happen using Microsoft technology.

The company just put out a white paper (via Electronista) on HomeOS and the company’s research results. Built using C# and the .Net 4.0 Framework, the project ties smartphones, computers, lighting, sensors and other home goodies to a gateway. Where’s Windows fit in? We’re not sure, as it’s never mentioned directly as part of the program.

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Microsoft started deploying HomeOS in 12 homes a few months back, and results have been positive. Also, since its debut, new apps and other support has been added to the HomeOS program. Users can snag some of those apps from an app portal known as the HomeStore.

Will HomeOS and the HomeStore ever come to your home? Don’t start planning your system just yet. There’s no word on if or when Microsoft plans to bring the HomeOS system to market. However, Microsoft has been working on the project since 2010, so they appear to be committed to making something of it.


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