MaKey MaKey Adds Control to Any Object via Alligator Clips

A pair of MIT graduate students show off control using Play-Doh, a banana, and much more.


We’ve seen a lot of companies add control in unique ways. However, MaKey MaKey is making control so simple, you don’t even need an actual controller.

In the video below, MaKey MaKey shows off control options using a banana, Play-Doh, a very thirsty cat, and a lot more.

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MaKey MaKey is the brainchild of Eric Rosenbaum and Jay Silver, two graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. The duo had the idea to make everyone an inventor — without software, programming or breadboarding. All you need is the MaKey MaKey device, which also comes with alligator clips and a USB cable.

Hook the MaKey MaKey circuit board up via USB to your computer, and choose your controller. MaKey MaKey offers options for a D-pad, a space bar, a mouse, keyboard functions, and more.

Rosenbaum and Silver put MaKey MaKey on Kickstarter, and have exceeded their $25,000 goal — by a lot. They’ll take whatever you’ve got, but it will take a minimum $35 pledge to get an actual MaKey MaKey kit. The duo expects to deliver sometime in August 2012.


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