Make Your Kitchen Appliances Disappear

Clever motorized kitchen cabinet clears away countertop clutter


One of the most common applications of motorized lifts is for moving projectors and TVs into and out of hiding places like above ceilings and inside cabinetry. It’s a concept that’s caught on as a way to clear away the A/V clutter in media rooms, bedrooms and dens. But it’s time to think outside the box. At least that’s what Nexus21 proposes with its new motorized Kitchen Lift. Using similar design and technology as found in the company’s line of TV lifts, the kitchen lift holds coffee makers, blenders, utensils and other items–as much as 250 pounds worth–for easy accessibility, then lowers quietly into a cabinet to maintain a clean, clutter-free countertop.

According to Nexus21 business development manager Tim Dobson, the lift can be integrated into virtually and type of cabinet, as long as the cabinet offers at least 22.5 inches of interior height. Nexus21’s AL-125 is most often used in a “dead” corner and the AL-250 for larger sections of cabinetry, like a center island. Cabinet shapes and sizes can be designed as tall, short, deep, shallow, wide or narrow as you like. When the kitchen lift is in the down position its lid, designed to match the marble or stone of the countertop, fuses seamlessly with countertop surface. Nexus21 provides instructions on how to have the granite, stone or other material cut correctly to form a safe, breakaway top. Prices for the kitchen lift range from $1,795 to $2,295 depending on the size and configuration.

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